10 Hottest CrossFit Women 2018

10 Hottest CrossFit Women 2018

With The Reebok CrossFit Games fast approaching, social media is being over run with AMRAP obsessed functional fitness freaks. We’ll not pretend we’re mad about the hot CrossFit women, though, we just love ’em.

SpotMeBro will never turn away a lady who lifts. Even if they are way fitter than we will ever be and have abs that make ours quiver.

CrossFit women make us weak at the knees. Sort of like a loaded squat on a Sunday morning, but with a weird feeling inside our pants.

So, with the online world going insane for WODs and all the hype of the Games getting realer each day, we had to get involved. SpotMeBro has an opinion on all things workout related, period.

That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the hottest women in the sport. You know, just to get all the non-box bros up to speed. Here they are:

The 10 Hottest CrossFit Women of 2018

#10 Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher is one of the best in the game. In her four outings at The CrossFit Games, she’s never finished outside the top 5.

Aside from being one of the fittest women on the planet, Julie is also a medical resident. In 2012 she took 2nd place at the Games whilst still studying – balancing workouts and med school like an absolute boss.

Fans of Julie can listen in to her dropping knowledge bombs on her very own podcast, Pursuing Health.

#9 Brooke Ence

For a long time Brooke Ence has been a poster-woman for the sport. Do we really have to tell you why?

In her rookie appearance at the 2015 Games she took two first place finishes. Leaving all the other ladies in the dust, with her lightning fast Snatch Speed Ladder, and Clean and Jerk.

She’s also known for her bright blonde hair, bad ass attitude and dangerously good looks. If those three things don’t move heads when she enters the weightroom – her strong AF physique and athleticism certainly will.

Movie fans may also recognize Brooke from both Wonder Woman and Justice League. Like many athletes, she’s all about flexing her multi-talented muscle further. So, keep an eye out for her reappearing on the big screen in the future.

#8 Christmas Abbott

No CrossFit hottie list would be complete without Christmas Abbott. A woman who has been in the sport for over a decade dropping jaws and deadlifts the same.

Christmas began her fitness journey a little later than most at the age of 22. She suddenly decided to change her ways of substance abuse after facing mortar fire in a war torn Iraq.

What followed was a complete transformation into the woman we all see today. A smoking hot barbell bending honey, out there trying to change the world one WOD at a time.

Did we mention she’s part of a Nascar Pit Crew?

#7 Bjork Odinsdottir

Before becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete Bjork was an elite level gymnast. She even consistently competed for the Icelandic national team for five years straight, until the age of 22.

However, she took her mastery of body movement learnt in gymnastics and started destroying WODs like nobodies business. Soon after college, she was hooked on the functional fitness lifestyle.

Since then Bjork has competed twice at the Games. Both as an individual and as part of team CrossFit Nordic.

In 2014 she finished impressively inside the top 20 by herself, and took sixth place in the 2016 team event.

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