Abs Exercises: 4 Best Moves for Crazy Obliques !

Many people forget or just don’t know how to train the obliques.

The obliques are found on each side of your midsection and go from the side of your abdominals up towards the last. Having well-trained obliques is not only good because of how they make you look in front of a mirror but also when you need to perform compound exercises.

This is because these muscles are responsible for keeping you balanced when doing exercises like squats so that you avoid bending too much and do the exercise in the wrong way.

Simply put, whether you train for strength gains, health, or just to look good, strengthening your obliques will help you to come closer to perfection in any of these reasons.

Highly Effective Exercises to Train Your Obliques

1. Hanging Knee Raise Oblique Crunches

Performing regular hanging knee raises might be annoying as it may irritate the shoulders and it’s quite difficult to stop the swinging while you do it. However, hanging knee raise oblique crunches at least allow avoiding that annoying swinging.

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