What To Do When Your Arms Are Not Growing ?

So, you’ve been working out for a while now, progress was good, but then you noticed that your arms aren’t growing as they used to. And you wonder what happened. But there’s no need to get frustrated because there are lots of solutions to this problem. There are lots of things you could do to make your arms grow again. So, we’re going to keep this short and sweet:

We could list an endless amount of things you could do or give you one of those popular lists of 10 things you could do to get the arms growing again, but there’s no need for 10. We’ll just stick with 3 which will be more than enough.

1. First of all, stop lifting altogether

This might seem a bit counterintuitive at first but stay with us. It’s a very real possibility that you are over-trained. You want those big arms so badly that you train relentlessly and intensely on a regular basis that you forget to give your body its rest that is essential to recovery and healing. That’s why you need to give yourself a break.

Take 7 to 10 days off the gym. No, your muscles will not shrivel up like some “experts” would have you believe. Just, stay away from the gym for a short period of time, focus on other things in your life and have fun. It’s likely that you’ll find yourself busting plateaus and make new muscle growth in your arms after you come back.

2. Switch to another workout program

If you perform the same workout every training session inevitably your progress will come to halt. The muscles will no longer grow unless given a reason to do so. It’s possible that your body adapted to the current workout program. Which is why it’s helpful to change it. For example, you may be doing an upper/lower body split. Try switching it up and hitting one body part per training session with increased training frequency.

So, if your old routine consisted of doing upper body exercises on Monday and Thursday, and lower body on Tuesday and Friday, with Wednesday and the weekend off, you could change it to:

Monday – Chest
Tuesday – Back
Wednesday – Quads
Thursday – Rest day
Friday – Arms
Saturday – Hamstrings and calves
Sunday – Rest day

3. Increase your caloric intake

You can’t build new muscle tissue out of nothing. You need to supply your body with the right amount of calories to support the growth of new muscle. So, if your goal is to build big arms, you must increase your calorie consumption. If you gain weight, it’s likely that your arms will also get bigger.

If your arms are no longer growing like they used to, start doing at least one of the things above. Their efficacy is almost guaranteed. Building huge arms is not exactly rocket science. It’s all about training hard and being consistent. Results are sure to follow.


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