The 15 Cheapest Sources of Protein

The 15 Cheapest Sources of Protein

When people want to build muscle, they know they should eat a lot of protein, so usually you’ll see gigantic piles of chicken in their freezers. While a serving of chicken breast has about 28 grams of protein, it isn’t your only option when it comes to meeting your protein norms, and the price can add up over time, ballooning to a number you’ll wish you never paid for meat.

So, we consulted some experts and here’s the ultimate list of cheap, but protein-effective groceries.

1. Spinach

Spinach has been famous for making you stronger since the days of Popeye, and with good reason – there are about six grams of protein in a cup of canned spinach, and you can sauté it with olive oil, sea salt and peppers. A 13.5oz can of spinach costs only $1.02, so your wallet will barely feel a thing!

2. Eggs

Of course eggs are on this list. One egg has six grams of protein, as well as choline, which is a nutrient your body needs to create new cells. A dozen eggs will set you back a measly $4.71!

3. Beans

Canned beans are really cheap, right? Yes, but dried ones are even cheaper! A cup of them has around 15 grams of protein, with 220 calories in total. To complement your amino acids for muscle building, jut combine grains or other plant foods with beans and you’ll be set. This way, your body will get everything it needs to create new muscle. A 15oz can of beans only costs about $1.24!

4. Milk

Milk is always on the table and with good reason – studies show that when you consume dairy after a workout helps your muscles regenerate and build up stronger. Also, the calcium in dairy helps your muscles function, as well as your bones stronger. A 64oz carton of milk will cost you $4.12!

5. Beets

Inorganic nitrate has been suggested to assist your muscles in functioning more efficiently, and there’s a lot of that stuff in beets! 16oz of them will only cost you around $2.30, making them incredibly cost-effective!

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