Sylvester Stallone Putting In Work For Creed II

Sylvester Stallone Putting In Work For Creed II

The legendary actor is making sure to be in the best shape for the up-coming Creed II film. 
You can’t deny that Sylvester Stallone is a legend of the film industry. Rambo and Rocky Balboa have ensured that he’ll be remembered for a very f*cking long time, brah.
But it looks like he’s not ready to give-up being a bad*ss yet; Sylvester Stallone has recently been seen on his Instagram page training hard, in preparation for Creed II.

Pushing 100lb dumbbells in his 70’s

Although Sly is getting-on a bit in age, he’s still proving that he’s pretty damn strong.
He posted a picture of himself lifting an 100lb dumbbell, in what appears to be a one-handed military press.

Sylvester Stallone captured his Instagram post:

“Pushing the limits! 100 pounds – This one hurt, I think I’ll go home and take a nap…Bye.”

Weighted pull-ups with 100lb dumbbell

We can bench press a fair bit, but pull-ups are something that we f*cking hate. But Sylvester Stallone does not make any excuses.
In a recent video posted on Instagram, the Rambo actor can be seen performing weighted pull-ups with a 100lb dumbbell.
We don’t know about you, but I’ll just be glad to be alive, in general, at that age. Never mind pulling f*cking 100lbs doing pull-ups, brah. Fair play, Sly.

Here’s what Sly captured his Instagram post with:

“Another easy workout! You’re only as old as you and your joints feel! LOL!”

Creed 2 Release Date: 12.25.2018

We’re pretty excited to see Stallone link-up with fellow Expendables star, Dolph Lundgren, as he reprises his role as Ivan Drago.
If Creed 2 is anything like Rocky IV, then it’ll be sure to be a pretty f*cking good film, bro. So we’re pretty excited for it.
Are you looking forward to Creed 2? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

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